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Are you a local writer/poet with something to share about the LGBT Edmonton experience? Do you want to get inspired by other queer creative types? This is the chance!

Doors are at 6, and at 7, we will start an open stage for people to share pieces they’re working on, published stuff, slam poetry, whatever… we will cap each person at 5 minutes, although you may get to go again based on time!

If you’re in, message Rob at promotions@yourgaybar.com

This will be open to the public to come and listen, and we will sit down with all the participants at the end and see how things go, if we want themes (eg. coming out, mental health, romance and relationships, death, addiction, etc), how often we want to do this, etc…

Share the word with other writers… for this to work, it needs a good variety of people!

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    Home  /  Events  /  Current Page

    6:00 pm
    Evolution Wonderlounge